Norfolk Wedding Bands

Figuring out what the entertainment is going to be at your wedding is a major consideration. Let's face it, even though your guests love you, there are really two things that they look forward to when they attend a wedding. One is the food and drink. The other is the entertainment. There is nothing like having a live band at your reception. Live music can get everyone on their feet and keep them hopping through the night. That is, if you hire the right one. So, the question becomes, how do you track down a professional wedding band that will provide all of the services that you really want and more. Have you ever hired a wedding band before? We are guessing that you have probably not had to undergo this kind of search before. So, we are here to help you as much as we can as you search the Norfolk area for the perfect wedding band for you. The words of wisdom and guidance that follow could save your wedding reception.

In the end, you want a wedding band that will be entertaining to the majority of your guests. We suggest that you take a look at your options. If you already have hired some of your wedding vendors, ask them if they have any suggestions. If they have been around the business for long, they probably will know of a few bands that are top-notch. You can also ask your friends and family if they know of any bands that they might have heard at a wedding that they think might suit you well. Once you have a working list, go online and check out their websites and audio samples. If they still haven't scarred you away, then it is time to start doing some interviewing.

Contact each band on your list and find out if your wedding date is actually open on their calendar. If it is, find out when you can meet and discuss your wedding plans and what they might be able to provide you. While you are speaking with them, find out if they happen to be appearing live anywhere close by in the near future. If they are, try and go hear them if you possibly can. There is nothing like hearing a band live to get a sense of not only their talent but their stage presence and how they interact with the crowd. If you find that they do not have any upcoming gigs in the next three months, you may want to reconsider if you want to talk to them because you probably don't want a band that no one else is booking.

When you meet in person, talk to the band about their experience. How many weddings do they perform at each year? Ask to see some video footage of them performing at weddings. Find out of they have worked at your venue before. Also, something that can be very helpful is to ask for references. There is nothing like firsthand feedback on someone's performance. This might open your eyes to potential red flags that you don't even want to consider. One question a lot of people don't even think to ask is what the band will be wearing at the wedding. You probably don't want to have your band up on stage in ripped t-shirts and jeans. Make sure that they don't mind being the emcee of your event.

Of course, you will finally want to come down to price. Ask them if they have any package deals. Most professional bands will. Be aware of how many hours are included because you want to make sure to pick one that will cover all of the time you think you will need. Once you see everything you need in a specific band, ask for a written contract and enjoy the music.

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