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How much do you know about wedding cakes? Unless you know someone in the business, probably not a lot. That is why you need the help of a professional wedding cake designer to provide you with not only an amazing design, but a tasty treat as well. Keep in mind that the world of wedding cakes has changed a lot in the last few decades and there are numerous options available to you. You can be as creative as you want to be. There are some amazing wedding cake designers in the Norfolk area who will show you the way. You can even fore-go getting a cake at all and instead purchase a cupcake tower. So, our advice is to go into your search with an open mind and armed with the following questions so you can make an informed decision and hire the cake professional that will make you a very happy client.

Whoever you consider to design and bake your cake, you need to find out if they have your wedding date open. Some people like to get the cost out of the way. Find out how they price their cakes. Most will tell you by the slice. Do they have a minimum per-person cake cost? More than likely you have set a budget number for your cake costs. Make sure that you tell your potential cake designer your budget right off the bat and ask them if they believe they can work within your budget. Ask for a menu of cake sizes and services they provide. You need to know if delivery and setup are part of your overall cost or are they extra fees. What about items like a cake table, cake toppers, a cake-cutting knife, etc. are these all considered extra? If you decided to go with them, do they require a deposit to reserve their services? See some great Cake Expert in Detroit choices.

You definitely do not want to entrust your wedding cake needs to a novice. So, ask them if they have been in business long. And how many weddings do they usually design a cake for per year. Are they licensed and insured? Where did they receive their training? You most definitely want to take a look at the portfolio of designs from each candidate that you consider. Pay close attention to their style and their talent. Do you like what you see? Show them your theme, dress, and color scheme. Talk to the candidate about what they whether they feel like they can design a customized cake around those parameters.

Design is important, but taste is equally so. If you really like the designs of a particular designer, have them setup a cake tasting session where you can taste various cakes, fillers, and icing. This is extremely important and you should make sure that you follow through with one. In fact, we urge you to never hire anyone without having a tasting first. Timing is also important. Order your cake six to seven months prior to your wedding. If a particular designer starts to impress you but you find that their price is outside your budget range, don't be afraid to talk to them about ways you could possibly save. A quality professional should be able to make some serious suggestions that might bring the price back to within reaching distance of what you can do. Once all of your interviews are complete, sit down with your fiance and have a serious discussion about each one as you layout all of the answers each provided to all of these questions. Once candidate in particular should emerge as one that you prefer. When this happens, ask for a contract. Sit down and go over every detail with the cake designer and make sure everything is laid out exactly as you discussed it. This will protect both parties.

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