Norfolk Wedding Caterers

A wedding can bring a lot of different emotions into your life. Of course, it can be a real high because marrying your life partner is a life changing event. It is something to be celebrated. But at the same time, planning a wedding can be very stressful and intense time in your life as well. The best way to help you along the wedding planning timeline is to have some great professional vendors that can help you pull off a successful event that you will be more than happy with. Of course the first vendor that you might consider is a wedding planner who can get you through your deadlines in a way that will keep your wedding on schedule. But after that, one of the first vendors that you will want to search out and hire is a high quality wedding caterer. The food provided to your guests is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your entire wedding. We urge you to get this worry off of your mind as soon as possible by following the tips we provide below. These tips will lead you the the wedding caterer of your dreams.

Your first step should be to get online and do a search for highly rated wedding caterers in the Norfolk area. Take the top 5 rated caterers that you find and get references from each one before you setup any interviews. Contact each reference you are given talk about every little detail from taste to logistics. For the ones that you only receive positive reinforcement from and where no major red flags are mentioned, setup a time and place where you can talk to a representative face to face. Go into your meetings knowing what you can and cannot afford. Have a long talk about what can be done within your budget number. Also, make sure that the prices you are given included everything and that there are no hidden fees or extras that you will have to stare at later and realize that there is no way this is going to work. It is a good idea to find out how much of a deposit will be required if you choose to hire them.

Ask them if they have catered a wedding at your chose venue before. If they have, a lot of the logistics have already been figured out for you. Have along talk about the menu. Do they have standard menus that they offer or can you pick and choose and customize your own menu? Do they specialize in a certain cuisine? You may have guests that have special needs when it comes to their food choices. Can the candidate provide something for people with needs like vegetarian selections or allergy safe foods? Do they offer a children's specific menu?

When talking with each one, make sure that you understand what services each one is going to provide. Remember, we are not just talking abut food. Will they be providing the table cloths and linens? How about the silverware and dishware? Staff is also a consideration. How many staff members will they have at your reception? Can you ask for additional staff if you feel the number is inadequate and if the answer is yes, how much extra would the cost be? What about overtime? What about feeding your other vendors? Once you have all of your questions answered, be very vigilant about a side by side comparison. Which one looks the best to you. If a couple of caterers seem close, sometimes using your gut is not a bad thing. Once you have decided on one choice, get all of the details in writing. Now that you have that taken care of, get ready to enjoy your wedding feast.

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