Norfolk Wedding DJs

It is time to plan your wedding and that means finding some exceptional professionals who will make your guests have the time of their lives. One of those all important vendors is a wedding DJ. This choice is much more important that you probably realize. If you pick the right one, your guests will be singing and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. If you pick the wrong one, you will have a first row seat as you watch your guests screaming and running for the parking lot. The problem for you is that the Norfolk area has many exceptional wedding DJs, but the area also have numerous average or below average wedding DJs. We know you want and deserve a talented professional and in order to ensure that, your best course of action is to ask some very important questions of any candidate that you are considering. Once you are armed with knowledge, you will be more confident that you can choose the most talented wedding DJ for your wedding needs. Here are the all important questions that you will want to be sure and ask of each candidate. If you're in Detroit and need a good option we recommend Affordable Wedding DJ in Detroit.

We suggest that you start your interview out with a simple question but an all important one. Do they provide written contracts? This may seem like an odd question to start off with, but you do not want to proceed without one and there are people who will try and convince you that it is not necessary. Simply put, if they will not provide one, stop and move onto the next DJ on your list. Another question that a lot of people don't know to ask is if the person they are meeting with is actually the DJ that will be working your reception. Some companies will send a representative or if you are talking to a DJ, they will end up sending someone else from their pool of people. You want to make sure that you are meeting with the person who you will see on your wedding day. There are many reasons for this, but one of the big ones is you want to make sure that you have a comfort feel with who they are and how their personality will be at your wedding.

Now its time to discuss playlists. A candidate will probably tell you that they have a working list that they use for events. Ask them how open they are to having input on their playlist. You probably have certain songs that you would absolutely love to have played and then you also have songs that you do not want played. Are they willing to abide by your suggestions? Talk about their equipment. Can they do mixing where one song flows into another with no breaks in-between? This should be a standard talent of any professional DJ. What if they take a break, how is that handled? What about requests from your guests? Will they allow this?

You also want to find out if they will be your emcee of activities and announce things like cake cutting, the first dance, toasts and more. This is a great thing that the DJ should be able to do for you and we recommend that you look for this. Talk about their style. Are they wild and crazy or more refined? How experienced are they? Do not consider anyone who does not have quite a bit of experience and who has done numerous weddings. How do they work with the crowd, for instance how do they get people out on the dance floor? What are their prices? It is worth paying a decent price for quality. Once you are finished with all of your candidates, if you feel really good about one DJ and their price does not break your bank, its time to sign a contract and get on with the business of your wedding.

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