Norfolk Wedding Dresses & Tuxedos

Hopefully, you are starting to feel really good about your wedding plans. We realize there are a lot of things to think about and many details to get squared away. One of the elements that you and your fiancé should get on top of as soon as possible is what each of you are going to wear. Obviously, for the man, there is much less to consider, but yet it is still an important detail to take off of your plate as soon as possible so you can concentrate on other wedding related matters. There is no need to worry because the Norfolk area can accommodate any of your wedding needs. Here are a few tips for the bride and the groom when you start that all important search for your tuxedo and bridal gown.

The groom should start looking for his tuxedo as soon as the bridesmaid's dresses have been selected. This is because the colors of your vest and tie will more than likely match what has been chosen as the wedding color scheme. When you start looking for a rental shop, ask your circle of family and friends for recommendations. We recommend that you setup a group fitting and have all of your groomsmen rent from the same location. One month before your wedding, you will want to call the Tuxedo shop and verify all of the pertinent information like pickup date and time. Usually the pickup date will be about two days before the wedding. You will have to try on your tuxedo to make sure that the fit is perfect and if it is not, then the shop will have to do some alterations. One last thing, it is very common for a shop to give one free rental when someone brings their entire wedding party to the shop. If this isn't mentioned, you should ask about it.

The process for the bride is much more involved. We recommend that a bride start shopping at least 10 months before the wedding. You will want to start booking appointments at reputable bridal salons in the Norfolk area. You can always check the better business bureau to see how certain salons are rated. You can also check out online reviews. Look for salons that have been in business for a number of years. And you also want to make sure that they employ experienced consultants that know wedding gowns like the back of their hand. A professional consultant will do everything with you in mind. They will know how to pick out dresses that flatter you. Once you have selected a few promising salons, make sure you have enough time reserved at your appointment to be able to try and number of gowns on.

At your appointment, we recommend that you only take a couple of trusted individuals with you. Pick people that you know have your best interests at heart and will speak to what is good for you and not just throw out there opinions. It is very important to tell your consultant your budget right off the bat, That way they won't show you any gowns that are way out of your price range and they will be able to focus on what you can afford. Are alterations included in the price? How many fittings do they see you needing? Ask if you can work with the same fitter each time for consistencies sake. Do they require a deposit to start the process? How long will it take for your dress to be delivered? Lastly, when it comes time to make a decision, remember to pick what makes you feel beautiful and listen to the advice of a professional. And don't forget to enjoy the process, remember, this is supposed to be a happy occasion.

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