Norfolk Wedding Officiants

If you have been to a wedding and most of us have, you know that its not just all about the reception and what goes on there. There are actually two people saying the most important words they have ever uttered to each other. And to help the process along, there is normally a person standing in front of the happy couple directing the events as they happen and leading the couple into what they are to say next. That person is known as the wedding officiant and their role is much more important than you probably realize. We have seen weddings which had a very poor officiant trying to direct matters and the ceremony was an absolute train wreck. Don't let this be your experience, we urge you to put in the time and effort that it takes to find someone who will make your ceremony the most beautiful succession of activities possible. Take this search and decision very seriously or you may live to regret it. Here is a brief guide to helping you find an officiant who will help your wedding be something that only dreams are made of.

The Norfolk area has officiants of all types and sizes. A lot of your search will depend of whether you are looking to have a religious or secular ceremony. If you are having a religious ceremony, you should start your search at a local house of worship whose faith is close to what you believe. If you are more interested in a secular ceremony, you should start with the county clerk's office. Either way, some of the questions you will want to ask are the same. For example, is the officiant available on your wedding date? Are there are special rules that you need to know about? How flexible is the events of the ceremony in terms of what they will allow and what they won't? Can you write your own vows? Do they have something that they always like to read at any wedding that they perform? If the answer is yes, you will want to read this and make sure that you are alright with what it says.

Some officiants require pre-marital counseling before they will perform a ceremony. Find out if that is indeed the case. Also, ask how many sessions it would be and if there is a cost. And speaking of cost, how much will their services cost you? How long does the ceremony run with what they have planned and what you have planned? What do they usually wear? This is something that they should allow you to have some wiggle room on. You may have a certain theme to your wedding and if what they wear clashes with everything, all of that work can be down the drain right then and there. Find out about their background. How long have they been performing weddings. Do not and we repeat do not hire a newbie.

See if they can show you video of past weddings they have performed. You want to pay attention to their voice and how smooth everything goes. Do they seem to have command of everything that is going on? Do they have a good sense of humor? This can be important if something does go awry because they will know how to laugh it off and make a funny remark to get things back on track. Ask yourself if you like their personality. Can they come to the rehearsal? We suggest that you insist on this as it helps to make sure that everyone if on the same page. Ask for some references and definitely call each one and talk about how the officiant operates. Do they see any red flags that would stop you from hiring them? You will be happy when you gather all of this information from each candidate because you will feel like you are armed with all of the knowledge you need in order to make an informed decision on who your wedding officiant should be.

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