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Your two most important vendors that you will hire for your wedding is your entertainment for your reception and your photographer for your overall wedding. You want to make sure that the person you hire provides you with the best possible images so that your memories stick with you through the years. And let's face it, you want to feel good about pulling out your pictures for guests so you can be proud of the biggest day in your life. But we must tell you, the journey to finding the perfect photographer for your wedding will not be an easy one. But it can be accomplished if you conduct a diligent search throughout the Norfolk area and know what questions to ask. Here is a brief guide that will lead you to the photographer that you must have in order to have a high quality keepsake for all time.

When you gather a few names and contact information of a few wedding photographers that you would like to consider, call them up and ask them if they would mind being interviewed for your open position. At your meeting, start the conversation by asking about their experience. You want to make sure that they have shot numerous weddings. A full-time photographer that is of a high quality and is in demand should be shooting between 25 and 30 weddings a year. Make sure that you ask about references. They should be able to give you at least 5 references that you will want to make sure and call to find out how the whole experience went. Ask them how they dealt with your guests and how they treated them as clients. Checkout this Wedding Photographer Directory if you need other choices.

See if they have worked your chosen venues before. If they have, this will be a huge boon to you because they will understand the nuances of where to stand and what works best there. Have them show you an album or two of previous wedding photos. Pay attention to their style and whether you like the angles and types of shots that they seem to gravitate to. And speaking of shots, ask them if they follow a shot list. If you have certain shots that you know for sure you want captured, you will want to mention it now. Are they flexible in this way? One question that we like a lot is: what makes you different from your competitors? This is the candidates chance to let you know if they have a great passion for wedding photography. Are they in it to help people like you or is it just a job to them.

When can you expect to see your final photos? Do they provide editing services? They should have a list of packages that they offer. Become very familiar with every little detail in every package. Find the one that fits you perfectly and see if their price fits in your budget. One thing that you want to make sure of is that the number of hours they will be shooting encompasses everything you will want. If you can afford it, we recommend that you pick a package that includes a second shooter. Of course you need to know how big of a deposit that you will need to put down if you choose to reserve their services. When is the balance due? Once you get all of this down, go home and compare each one. One particular candidate should look better than the rest. If you are sold on one in particular, ask them for a written contract. Sit down with the chosen one and go over every detail. If you see a problem, now is the time to get it fixed. Once everything looks in order, you can sign on the dotted line. We wish you well with this all important search and hope you enjoy your special photographs for years to come.

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