Norfolk Wedding Planners

We don't want to belabor this point, but if you have recently said yes to the big question and you are ready to start on your wedding plans, then you need to think long and hard about hiring a wedding planner. If you have never planned a wedding yourself and let's face it, most people have not, you are in for a long list of details and deadlines. And if you don't have experience or the time to properly devote to all of the moving parts that come with a properly planned wedding, then you could be in for a real wide awakening. So, now that you know what is good for you, we recommend that you start your search for a professional wedding planner. You will be amazed how the right planner will make everything seem flawless and will allow you to actually enjoy the process as you proceed. But first, you must find the right one in the Norfolk area. And the way you can do that is to find a few candidates that you would like to consider and then conduct some good old fashioned job interviews. When you get to the interview, here are the questions you will want to be sure and ask.

Gather a few candidates by looking online or by asking people you know that have recently been involved in a wedding. Once you have a few promising potential planners, call them up and see if your wedding date is available. Once you have settled that matter, ask them when and where would be a good place to meet in order to talk about your wedding needs and their skill set and whether the two make a good match. The first topic you should discuss is what their experience level is. How long have they been in the wedding business? How many weddings have they planned? Where did they receive their training? What you are trying to avoid here is the person who helped out with their sister's wedding and they felt so good about it that they decided to start a wedding planning business. You only want to consider individuals that have rock solid experience who know the ins and outs of how to plan a wedding. You might even ask about any certifications they may have.

Another question you will want to make sure and ask is if wedding planning is their full-time job. This is important because if it is only a side gig, more than likely they are not going to be available during the day when you might need to talk to them. Also, if they consider this to just be a hobby, then you will want to consider what their level of commitment is to something that is very important to you at this moment. Find out how they charge for their service. Is it by the hour or a flat fee or a percentage of your entire wedding budget? They will probably have a number of packages which specify the level of service they will provide. You will want to become familiar with each package and find the one that suits your needs the best.

Talk about preferred vendors. Ask the candidate if they receive any kind of referral fees from vendors. Make sure that the answer is no because otherwise you might end up being pressured to use a vendor that does not suit your needs. Ask them if they will be there at your reception and if they will remain there until the end of your special day to help make sure all goes well. You definitely want to ask for at least 3 references and contact each one to find out how their experience was with the planner. After you have conducted all of your interviews, you should be able to make an informed decision on which planner meshes with your personality and which one is the best qualified to provide everything you are looking for in a professional planner.

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