Norfolk Wedding Venues

Out of all of your important wedding vendors that you need to find and book, by far the most important is your wedding venue. This is such a huge decision. There are many elements of your venue that you want to be assured of. Have your wedding vision and theme solidified in your mind's eye before you go searching around the Norfolk area. Also, have your guests in mind when you start your site visits. In fact there are a few pieces of information that you will want to have in hand before you start your search. Make sure that you know the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. Also, you will want to know your wedding date and budget. Once you have all of these ready to share, check out the Norfolk area for venues that will suit exactly what you want. We have provided a brief guide below to help you along this road.

When you start your venue visits, your first consideration needs to be whether the location can accommodate the number of guests you will have attending your wedding. This includes being large enough for the number of tables and chairs that will be needed, space for entertainment and dancing, and enough bathrooms. There are answers you need to get from the venue representative which will then translate into questions that you need to ask yourself. Will it fit into your budget? And what is included in the cost of renting the venue? Make sure that you find out if the venue carries liability insurance. Keep in mind that if they do not, it is you that will have to cover the cost of insuring the venue for the day.

How far will most of your guests have to travel in order to reach the venue? Do you think this will be a problem? In terms of theme and style, you will want the venue to match the look and feel of what you want. You can go one of two ways. You can either look for a venue that already reflects the look and feel of your wedding theme or you can find a venue that has the potential to be turned into what you are seeking. Ask about the sound potential of the venue, if you are having a DJ or a live band you will want to make sure that the acoustics will provide a great listening experience. And speaking of d├ęcor, find out how much time you will be allowed for your vendors to setup. Who is responsible for tear down? What if you go over the time agreed upon?

There are a number of questions that a lot of people don't think to ask. Like whether there are dressing rooms where you and your wedding party can change. Is there a room where children can play? What about parking? Are there ample parking spaces? What about your guests that might need reasonable accommodations? Will the venue supply items like tables, chairs, china, silverware, and glassware or will that be your responsibility? Do they have a liquor license? Is it better if you bring your own alcohol and if you do, does the venue charge a corkage fee? Are there fees that are not included in the packages they offer? Become very familiar with the packages each venue shows you and pick out the one that best suits your needs. If there is something that you don't see included that you would like to be there, ask if customizing is possible. When you find the one you absolutely fall in love with, get everything in writing. This will be a huge hurdle to get over and when you do, the rest of your wedding plans can fall into place.

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